BUYING: Blu Cigs in Australia

Web Site Usability & Shop Features

The Blu Cigs web site is pretty good, though for International orders it was a little difficult to make it through the checkout. I kept trying to checkout normally via the top of the page checkout link only to find there was no option to ship to Australia!

Blu Cigs uses a separate service to process and ship their International orders so you have to look for the special “International Checkout” button on the right side of the view cart page.

Once I proceeded with “International Checkout” I found that any Loyalty points or special discounts were not available through this service.  I was a little disappointed!

I used to use’s freight forwarding service, but the Blu site now checks for US Identification which renders this impossible.

Shipping Fees to Australia

Using Blu Cigs “International Checkout” I found that the price for similar orders was approximately $25 USD more than other stores.

When I went back to order just 2 batteries they were going to charge $26 USD for shipping.

Example order shipping cost: 1 Premium Starter Kit + total 12 packs of 5 cartomisers sent via their International Checkout system was $53.68 USD in shipping costs.

Despite the high shipping costs, I still choose and recommend Blu simply because the recharge packet is so convenient and the product quality is fairly high.

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